Poggio Turchino a complex of five villas located Collepepe, a small town nestled in the Umbrian countryside.

Poggio Turchino

Umbria Jazz

The formula of Umbria Jazz is to cross, and perhaps overlapping, three musical dimensions and different environmental 
 evenings at 'Arena Santa Giuliana Here are the scene of the most famous artists, for which you need a large, comfortable space. We are also here in the heart of Perugia, alongside one of the finest Abbeys of Umbria, and the skyline of the Acropolis in the background. With the escalator through the Rocca Paolina be reached in ten minutes Corso Vannucci. It is a very large and flexible space, which is equipped to provide for an increasingly demanding more comfort and a more comfortable enjoyment of music.

Afternoons and nights at the Theater at Morley and 'Oratorio Santa Cecilia. Are the spaces dedicated to the most authentic jazz in its various expressions, traditional or modern. 
 The outdoor performances and free: the Festival of young people and families with the most popular genres of music and more immediate appeal. 
 is confirmed, he 'could not be otherwise, the usual image of Umbria Jazz, aged thirty-seven years of life: for ten days, from morning until late at night, lots of music non-stop in the most evocative of the historical center of Perugia, at the Giardini Carducci. A festival for listeners attentive and motivated, but that does not reject anyone, even those who

Umbria Jazz - Poggio Turchino

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Soggiorna due settimane
Soggiorna due settimane

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