Poggio Turchino has thousands of services to its guests, from the free wifi to the organization of dinners and business events

Poggio Turchino


Poggio Turchino, as has always been attentive to their guests, in addition to the swimming pool to stunning gazebos, to
sundeck offers a variety of water games for children and for older children.

Giochi Acqua - Poggio Turchino




But the fun does not have to be understood in the pool, blue Poggio
offers to its guests, bicycles, scooters and Boungee.

Once put to bed the children, parents can enjoy a relaxing and romantic dinner by candlelight in the private garden in the back of the villaretro della villa

Cena Romantica - Poggio Turchino



or enjoy the 'beautiful and intimate environment that creates blue hill with their lights

Notte - Poggio Turchino
Notte - Poggio Turchino
Notte - Poggio Turchino

For those who just can not give comfort to the most recent blue hill
offers free and in every house, TV with satellite channels, unlimited wifi connection, a DVD player.

Blue hill is not just family vacation, it offers a whole meeting room tastefully furnished with up to 25 people.
Work Week and ideal for rental business.
in addition to the meeting room you can organize parties and outdoor banquets for a greater number of peopleri di persone

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Soggiorna due settimane
Soggiorna due settimane

Maggio, Giugno e Settembre: soggiorna due settimane e avrai lo sconto del 15% sul completo ...

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