Poggio Turchino, offers its guests a large swimming pool and all the equipment to enjoy the countryside.

Poggio Turchino

Swimming pool and Outdoor

The pool 5 meters long, 12 wide, for an average height of 1.50 meters, you will spend the hottest days and entertain the little ones.

The exterior is treated with excellence in the areas of green in town you will find, in addition to marble gazebo, which offers a wonderful evening show, you will find benches, chairs, beds, small tables and everything you need to spend a pleasant day to 'open or to enjoy the sun that never leaves the property.

Piscina - Poggio Turchino



Poggio Turchino is very attentive to its youngest guests, it offers countless water sports, scooters and bicycles, they can be used in the building, in fact, the avenue that serves as a gateway to various villas, can be used as a place to play , mothers can safely and easily monitor their children, as the play area is always visible from both 'inside of your house, either from the pool, and both the central gazebo.

The exterior of Poggio Turchino a feeling of well-being, and return to a distant past.

The predominant element of whole structure is square, which viewed from above resembles a huge heart, the center is the old gazebo with a clear impression of Rome.

The gazebo, as mentioned above, is inspired by the ancient Temple of Priam, who once stood on the same plateau where there is now Poggio Turchino.

Gazebo "Tempio Priapo" - Poggio Turchino
Gazebo Notturno - Poggio Turchino
Gazebo Notturno - Poggio Turchino

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