Poggio Turchino a complex of five villas located Collepepe, a small town nestled in the Umbrian countryside.

Poggio Turchino

Welcome to Poggio Turchino

"In the Green Heart of Italy is a magical place where an ancient spell is flourishing in the hearts the joy of living"


Poggio Turchino is a village of five houses built on a plateau of the campaign Collepepe, a small town in the 'Umbria region of Italy known as the "Green Heart of Italy".

The Knoll is at 200 meters above sea level, is flat and occupies about 15,000 square meters fully fenced.

Vista - Poggio Turchino
Ingresso - Poggio Turchino

The structure grows as a PROJECT of an ancient Roman city, the Square, a central green area where there is a white marble gazebo, deliberately alluding to 'ancient Temple of Priapus, dominates the structure.

Flow around the square lies the private driveway, access road to the villas and "track" for the use of scooters and bikes Poggio Turchino offers free to its guests.

Il Poggio is enriched by a large pool (5 x 12 m, h 1.50 m) equipped with deck gazebos and water features for children.

There are many green areas in town, ideal for those wishing to spend their holidays in complete relaxation, and an ideal place for children to new friends and games.



Comune - Poggio Turchino

The five villas are arranged radially around the central garden, so that the rear terrace of each villa is not visible to guests of the villas, so you can live privately green Collepepe.

The villas are substantially identical to each other and each is fully furnished and equipped with every kind of accessory to ensure superior comfort, even for a long stay.

Piscina - Poggio Turchino
Vista dal Gazebo - Poggio Turchino

 Tramonto - Poggio Turchino

Blue hill is located in the quiet woods of oak, but we can easily get dpo one kilometer of the highway E45.

Poggio Turchino be reached in few minutes the various villages, such as Todi, Deruta, Marsico and others, with all the modern facilities.

Poggio Turchino is in a unique position baricnetrica compared to many tourist destinations: Rome, Florence, Siena, Chianti, which can be reached in less than 100 minutes, while all the most interesting of 'Umbria are much closer

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