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Poggio Turchino

How to reach us

Reaching blue hill is very simple to get there after only 1 km from the E45 motorway (exit Ripabianca at km 51).



If you intend to reach with the help of your GPS, take care NOT to enter our address as a destination, as being the most recent road construction has not yet been topografizzata.

Almost all GPS will help you take the old dirt roads, or ancient roads, with steep slopes and very steep sducciolevori.

For us to be ideally set to the destination on your GPS coordinates as follows:


                                                                 N 42,9294°

                                                                 E 12,4055°

                                                                            [N 42° 55' 46" - E 12° 24' 20"]


or click on the blue pointer below, and then on "Indicazioni Stradali"


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Airports nearby

Perugia - 15 min

Roma - 120 min

Ancona - 90 min

Firenze - 120 min



Railway stations near










Poggio turchino at the center of the most popular Italian tourist and travel as a matter of minutes:


* Firenze 150 Km

* Roma 135 Km

* Siena 105 Km

* Perugia 25 Km

* Assisi 30 Km

* Orvieto 40 Km

* Spoleto 40 Km

* Todi 15 Km

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